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Utsukusy Immunity Booster

Immune System Boost + Anti-bacterial 

Specially blended with 8 premium essential oils (highest grade) and anti-oxidant base oils to give the body a strong defense. Highly effective yet in the most natural way.

Why the highest grade? 

Only the highest quality can ensure the correct composition of the active natural compounds that give the essential oils the therapeutic properties. 

Main Ingredients

Tea Tree: Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Promotes healing

Eucalyptus: Anti-bacterial, Clears airways, Stress relief

Frankincense: Boost the immune system, Relieves headache, Treats cold and cough 

Bergamot: Fights infection, Re-balance vital glow within the body, Alleviate pain

Vetiver: Immune-stimulating properties, Antiseptic, Stimulates circulation

Lemon: Improves immune system, Soothe sore throat, Promotes relaxation

Myrrh: Kills harmful bacteria, Powerful anti-oxidant, Anti-fungal

Lavanda: Anti-microbial, Wound healing, Antispasmodic in the treatment of cold


  • Apply over your temples, neck, chest, and wrist in the morning and before bed (Goodness will be penetrated into our bloodstream to deliver a range of benefits to the body's system and organs) 


Made in Spain